Dental Wellness Center of Maryville takes a holistic approach to dental health. Regular cleanings help to maintain your oral health and provide opportunities to identify emerging problems that can likely be addressed by preventative or restorative care. Smiles in need of restorative procedures may be candidates for crowns, bridges, or dental implants. Even healthy smiles can be whiter and brighter with assistance from cosmetic procedures.

Oral health is whole body health. Ask us how you can achieve your own bright, healthy smile.

Adult Cleanings and Fluoride Treatments

Two of the most important preventative measures you can take to protect your smile are regular adult cleanings and fluoride treatments. During these routine procedures, a licensed dental hygienist gives your teeth a professional cleaning that removes plaque and refreshes your smile to a degree that surpasses even daily brushing and flossing. For most patients, twice yearly cleanings are recommended to help eliminate plaque that can bring about diseases like gingivitis, while fluoride treatments add protection to help preserve and maintain teeth. Patients with gingivitis, periodontal disease, or other conditions may require more frequent cleanings.

Braces and Invisalign

Traditional braces are small brackets that are affixed to the teeth to affect orthodontic change. Both metal and clear brackets are available. Invisalign is an alternative orthodontic treatment option in which patients wear a series of clear oral trays (“aligners”) that gradually change the smile. Patients enjoy the convenience of being able to remove the aligners while eating, brushing, and flossing.


Dental bridges can be used to renew a smile by replacing a lost tooth. Bridges are fixed, cemented restorations designed with a natural look and feel to seamlessly match your remaining teeth. A bridge is anchored to healthy teeth on either side of a gap, holding a false tooth or teeth in between. A bridge can prevent bite collapse and restore your ability to chew more naturally in the area of the missing teeth.

Child Cleanings and Fluoride Treatments

Emphasize the importance of good dental health early on in your child’s life. A child’s twice-a-year cleaning is usually the first experience he or she has with the dental office. Our dentists and staff are attuned to children’s dental needs, as well as ways to make the visit an enjoyable, kid-centered experience that fosters good oral health habits.


Crowns are used to restore teeth that are badly broken down or that have huge fillings. Our dentists match crowns to the color of your natural tooth, creating a seamless smile. Crowns are very strong and, with proper maintenance such regular cleanings, can last for years and years.

Dentures (Partial and Full) – Same-Day Service Available

Dentures can improve both the appearance and functionality of a damaged smile. While we often recommend treatments that increase the chance of keeping your natural teeth, patients occasionally require the removal of a tooth or teeth. To design your custom dentures, we partner with top dental laboratories across the United States, selecting labs with exceptional reputations for quality and durability. For patients who desire the most aesthetically pleasing denture therapy, we offer partials whose metal clasps are not visible while the denture is worn.

In many cases, we can deliver your dentures on the same day as tooth removal, eliminating the hassle of going without teeth while waiting for a denture to return from a lab. Our denture patients love the convenience of same-day denture delivery, and our dentists love the structural benefits of same-day dentures: By immediately replacing removed teeth with the denture, a patient’s facial profile is better maintained. On occasion, sinking of features is possible if the space left behind by removed teeth is not quickly filled.

Denture Reline and Repair

In most denture reline and repair cases, we can complete the service within the same day. Unlike many dental practices, we offer in-office denture relines and repairs, saving you time and expense. We perform most of our denture reline and repair work in our in-practice labs. On occasion, your reline or repair may need to be sent to an external dental lab.

Extractions (Including Surgical and Wisdom Teeth)

When a tooth is damaged by cavities, infection, or more, it can become necessary to remove the tooth. Our dentists offer all types of dental extractions, including surgical and wisdom teeth extractions. Additionally, we extract impacted wisdom teeth. When you have a toothache, broken tooth, or a tooth emergency that may require an extraction, call us as soon as possible. We understand the discomfort such conditions can bring, and our team will work to get you in as quickly as we can. To enhance the comfort of treatment, we offer several options including medications to increase relaxation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), topical numbing gel, and various local anesthetic techniques. Patients are also encouraged to bring their own headphones and music to listen to during their dental visits.

Fillings (Composite/Tooth Colored)

Fillings are a restorative technique used to repair minimal tooth fractures, tooth decay, and other damaged tooth surfaces. The purpose of a filling is to restore your tooth to normal function and prevent further decay. During your regular cleanings and screenings, the dentist will examine your teeth and point out areas to address with restorative care. Our dentists provide bonded, composite, and tooth-colored fillings. Many patients are shocked at how natural and undetectable filling materials can appear.

Implant Dentistry

Dental implants are stronger and more durable than other restorative options, such as bridges and dentures. Implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. Additionally, implants may be used in conjunction with other restorative procedures for maximum effectiveness. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or to support a bridge or denture. Dental implant patients often report greater confidence in their ability to bite and chew.

We offer complete in-office implant solutions. Unlike other practices, who are unable to place implants and must refer patients to a specialist for this portion of the treatment, our dentists place the actual implant and then finish it with a crown. Providing this service in one location not only saves time, but also proves more cost-effective for patients.

For patients with dentures, we offer implant services that allow the denture to be firmly snapped in place in the mouth without the need for sticky, messy denture paste.

Mouth Guards and Snore Guards

Do you play a sport with a high likelihood of damage to your smile? Do you grind or clench your teeth at night? We can help! Our custom plastic-like bite appliances protect teeth and crowns by decreasing dental damage from collisions and absorbing the effects of clenching and grinding.

If you can’t remember the last time you had a restful night’s sleep, you might be interested in a snore guard. Like the mouth guard, a snore guard helps preserve teeth and crowns by absorbing clenching and grinding, as well as reducing or eliminating snoring.

Oral Cancer Screening

Your dentist is the most likely healthcare professional to initially detect oral cancer. Each cleaning appointment with exam includes an oral cancer screening conducted by the dentist.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery may be necessary to uncover impacted teeth for orthodontic benefit. We also remove benign lesions with a laser-like instrument that eliminates bleeding during the removal.

Porcelain Veneers

Similar to putting a thin layer of decorative marble on the front of a plain building, porcelain veneers are used to repair chipped, stained or uneven front teeth. To allow for placement of the porcelain veneer and bonding material on the existing tooth, approximately one millimeter of tooth surface is removed. Porcelain veneers can change an unattractive smile into one that is absolutely beautiful.

Preventative Sealants

Both children and adults can reduce the risk of tooth decay with the application of preventative sealants.

Sleep Apnea (Oral Appliances)

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a medical condition in which a person stops breathing multiple times while asleep. Breathing stops because the person’s airway collapses and prevents air from getting into the lungs. The sleep patterns of individuals with OSA are disrupted, fragmented, and results in excessive sleepiness or fatigue during the day. Although OSA commonly occurs after 35 years of age in men and overweight individuals, anyone can have OSA, including children and even toddlers.

Following a sleep study, physicians diagnosing OSA often recommend continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment. Many people are familiar with CPAP machines from media coverage or personal experience. While a viable treatment option, many patients find the hoses and mask of a CPAP machine cumbersome and uncomfortable to the point of discontinuing treatment.

Dentists offer an alternative treatment: an oral appliance that increases airflow during sleep without the need for a noisy machine or uncomfortable mask. Rather than spending the night in a hospital or clinic for a sleep study, our practice offers at-home sleep studies that record various physiological metrics while you sleep in your own bed. Because OSA is a medical condition, we can assist you with maximizing your medical insurance reimbursement for oral appliance OSA treatment.

TMJ Treatment

TMJ treatment is often recommended for patients with pain from popping, clicking, or locking jaws. Other symptoms include difficulty swallowing, painful jaw, sharp facial pain, dizziness, headache, and neck ache. Should you experience these symptoms, our dentists can evaluate you and, if appropriate, diagnose the extent and type of the TMJ issue. Patients receiving TMJ treatment may need to wear a night and/or day appliance. In general, the appliance helps many who suffer from TMJ symptoms.

Whitening for Life

Whiten your teeth with professional, custom-made whitening trays. With purchase of trays, receive one free tube of professional strength whitening gel at each of your dental cleaning appointments, provided your maintain the cleaning schedule recommended by your dentist (usually twice per year, but more frequently for patients with certain conditions).

I wear dentures. How can I feel more confident in the strength of my bite?

Ask your dentist about implant dentistry. In many cases, permanent posts can be implanted into bone, serving as solid anchors to which dentures can be attached.

How often should I have my teeth cleaned? How often should my child’s teeth be cleaned?

For most adults and children, twice-yearly dental cleanings are recommended. Patients with periodontal disease or other conditions may be advised to schedule more frequent cleaning appointments.

My spouse snores. Do dentists offer treatments to decrease snoring so we can both get a good night’s sleep?

Your dentist can create a custom snore guard, an oral appliance worn at night to decrease or even eliminate snoring.

What can my dentist do to help me relax if I’m a bit nervous about my dental appointment?

Your dentist can provide prescription medication that increases relaxation. We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and encourage patients to bring headphones to listen to favorite music.